Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#4 - The fire and the truth

Setting: Dark, cloudy and the air is very, very still. There are certain pockets of really cold air and the clouds cover the tops of the taller buildings.

Common character: Leonard the graveyard man.

Interactions with other character: So far we only have the people interactions.

You are to stand around your respective small/large fire with the person on this list.  The person on the right chooses the location and type of fire. The person on the left tells their story.  Then the person on the right tells theirs.  Please be timely in your storytelling. Because we're including a bit of post-modern magical realism, there is something about the fire that makes you tell the person across from you some secret that you've ever told anyone else.  It could be a serious one, or not so serious given the personality of your character and how you are trying to develop her or him.

Laine T.  - Marcus
Lucia - Cameron
Charlie - Maxwell
Ginger - Troy
Senka -  Magdalene
Della - Hazel
Clive - Kaden
Cole - Forrest
Rick - Carmen
Archie- Tyler
Catherine - Jessica
Angel - Lane
Christine - Ann
Yesu - Frank
Taylor - Luna
Serenity- Alice
Anna - something is going to happen to you, but we don't know what yet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blog #3 - 6 degrees of separation

Character development:

Tell us where you live - specifically if you

Because the past is constantly shaping the present, we need to know something about your past.  In this next blog, recount something from your past that reveals something about your character in the present.  Remember, this addition is about character development. For example, looking at a picture of someone on your refrigerator, or a piece of clothing that reminds you of some event, an avoidance of something because of a negative experience.  Drug use does not count as an implicit reference to your past problems.  By recounting something, you are showing rather than telling.

I took the current list of characters and counted 6 spaces to the next character on the list and that is who you are interacting with in this next blog post.  Don't worry, the original list isn't alphabetical, but it is based on the last set of interactions.  Here's the list.  The person on the left should write his/her blog at least by Sunday afternoon so the other character can response.  If you are the other character, you can write #3 when you wish, or wait until Sunday if you want to engage with the other character.

Remember, if you didn't incorporate another character that you were paired with in blog #2, do so in #3.  You can have TWO interactions.   If the character you are paired with has not completed his/her second blog, use the one that's there.  If you wish, curse them under your breath.

Character interactions:

Magdalene –Laine
Jessica – Ann
Clive – Cole
Christine – your shop is burglarized
Kaden – Forrest
Lucia – Troy
Charlie - Marcus
Lane – Yesu
Carmen – Frank
Archie – Hazel
Ginger – Senka
Maxwell – Alice
Rick – Luna
Angel – Serenity
Della – Tyler
Taylor - Catherine
Anna - Cameron

Cold, it snows - 3 feet of snow. 2nd floor pipe brakes. 


4:00 AM - six apartments, Senka, Luna, Serenity, Cole, Lane, Angel are searched by the police
3:00 PM Hot-box the entire hallway on the 3rd floor.
6:00 PM Speed dating at the Sunnyside up diner! Brian will be there.

Common character:
Craig hosts a bowling tourney


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#2: Things that sparkle in the night.

  • Frank's bookstore has an author who sits in the window, but nobody knows who he is.  He is waiting for someone to ask him to sign a copy of his book. Ignatius Bellmont.  Some kind of how-to get and keep friends book.
  • Flu outbreak - anyone who gets ill,  heads to the clinic to see Brian, the hot doctor.
  • Meteor shower in the middle of the night.
  • Micheal's truck drives down Shellac, turns down Main, and somehow glitter is streaming out the back of the slow moving truck. The truck stops at the corner of Main and Blvd. and a small pile of silver glitter gets dumped on the street. 
  • Outside of O'Harley's there's a mugging at 2 AM- non-violent, during meteor shower.
  • AA meeting: 4:15 in the church of faith
  • Telescope fell-off over the top of the building at high noon.  Kid got out of the daycare and is playing in the fountain.
Unseasonably warm day/night.

Motif: Things that move, smoke/fog, waffles!

Chief Buc - the chief of police, tough but cheerful, and has a strong  fashion sense and seems to distrust any other authority other than his own.
Leonard - gravedigger/groundskeeper/night guard in the graveyard behind the catholic church.

Individual character development:
As Vonnegut once stated:
  1. "Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.
  2. Every sentence must do one of two things-reveal character or advance the action."
Incorporate both of these into your post.