Friday, December 5, 2014

#1 - The day started with

For your first blog:

Blog layout:

  • Your name should be your blog title
  • Add a favorite passage from one of your favorite books under blog description in the settings feature of the blog layout
  • Complete your first entry by Thursday night, December 18th, we will read entries on Friday during class. 

Character development:

  • Living arrangements.  Be specific.  "Behind the dumpster" isn't specific enough.  Which one?
  • Remember you can add any place, object, character that you wish as long as it does "tilt the platform" too much. 
  • Something that identifies your character.  A touchstone of sorts that establishes some kind of symbol of your character's life. For example, something that he or she carries in his/her pocket, a tattoo, a photo of a relative, a book, souvenir, etc. 
  • Keep it relatively short. Think of this as a short story and not a novel.  Less is more, if the less is written carefully.
  • Create some kind of conflict in the first blog.  Whether it is trying to find your keys, being late for an appointment, trying to cram all your dirty clothes into a coin-operated washing machine, or wrestling with a gorilla.
  • Go somewhere. 

  • It is twilight on a foggy, damp day in mid December.  
  • The town is someplace where seasons change.
  • At 7PM the power in the whole neighborhood goes out for an hour.